Gallery Update!

Ok, I have just thrown in some pictures to my gallery from around our coastline (and a shop I got caught up in), for all of you Northern Hemisphere souls that are still freezing your winter away. A little lift from the rain and snow (while we in Australia are practically in full drought conditions at the moment, even the coast has had no significant rain all summer), just click on any of the photo’s to get a full screen slideshow.

I must apologise for the quality as I only had my trusty mobile phone for most of these and anything that needed a little bit of technical adjustment was a no go! My lovely friend Tracie Louise will be aghast at the shots (as her lovely shots have made a cover for a very well known author AND into one of Microsoft’s themes for their Windows operating systems), but I needed to share ‘something’ with the poor, very freezing friends around the top half of the globe. (yo mommus! Well, you said something warm would do, so you could do your poetry in a warmer frame of mind, and we got lots of beaches and surf!)

So I hope it warms the mind for a little while and gives fresh hope for the warm weather that is now not too far away.


P.S. Yes, I am in the market for a real camera…my birthday is in June! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Gallery Update!

    • Hi Liz, and thank you for your comment. It was a little overcast on the day but it was a very much needed wander around the coast. Those little trips refresh the mind and body. Speaking of nice pictures, I loved your post on doors…and the variety you found on your journeys. Namaste


    • They were from a little wander around some of our coastal areas. When I finally get my new Canon digital I hope to get a few more to show. I suppose it gives everyone a more home grown view of Australia instead of those color glossy advertisements that are everywhere. The top pic seemed to say something that suited my site. Thank you for the lovely comment Kavita, very much appreciated. Namaste


        • Great place here. So many things because of its extremities. Hot, cold, beaches forever or bushland, mountains or lush rainforest. Hope your wanderings show you its beauty so that you can appreciate all it has to offer. Namaste


  1. I am so jealous! These are gorgeous, Mark. I don’t know about needing a camera. These have turned about beautifully. I can feel myself itching to write based on the pictures. One for each maybe! Thank you so much for these.
    It has started to snow here. And is actually landing. Usually the rain keeps it at bay! I just attempted to take some pics with my phone. Pretty rubbish actually. The phone and the amount of snow. The clouds are more impressive. 😉
    I can’t get away with the shop either. The amount of gems! And the sizes of some of them. That amethyst is unbelievable if I hadn’t seen it.
    I’m going to look up some of the meanings associated with the various stones. see if I can incorporate that into the poems. OK to go ahead using the pics? Just want to be sure. 🙂
    Thanks for taking these, Mark.
    You really should do more of the photography. If you’re getting results like these with your phone just think what a ‘real’ camera can do. Morgan just got some fancy piece of equipment and is loving it. 🙂
    Healing the heart with photos to inspire. 🙂 x


    • Go for it mommus! I just did a little wander down the coast and snapped when it felt right. The camera pro shop man said I need a little (with a smile), course or two to get me up to speed! 🙂 The crystal shop is an amazing place, by the time I left the energy in there had me all over the place. I had to go sit by some water and ground myself for the next hour. Great place though. And you need a couple of dollars as you couldn’t walk out without buying something. Most of the pic’s in there a very blurry. I was trying to fit too much in or too close to things. I may have to take a real camera in there next time if the lady allows it 🙂 Enjoy!


      • Do you know all about stones and their properties then? I’m going to look some of that stuff up. Save those pics to go with. They are just great. I was surprised they let you photograph in the shop. Or didn’t she see?! 🙂 x


        • She knows me a bit and realises I’m not about to go off and open my own shop somewhere, stealing all her ideas. And she has the heart to realise that if anything, people will see all these lovely crystals and go and have a look and maybe buy one or seven! 🙂 And just for a bit of free advertisement, it is the Elephant Shop at Cooranbong, west of Newcastle. Very nice lady, known her for a few years. Now, the meanings, bear with me while I hunt them down and I’ll fire them back over your email!


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