Daily Archives: February 10, 2014

Gallery Update!

Ok, I have just thrown in some pictures to my gallery from around our coastline (and a shop I got caught up in), for all of you Northern Hemisphere souls that are still freezing your winter away. A little lift from the rain and snow (while we in Australia are practically in full drought conditions at the moment, even the coast has had no significant rain all summer), just click on any of the photo’s to get a full screen slideshow.

I must apologise for the quality as I only had my trusty mobile phone for most of these and anything that needed a little bit of technical adjustment was a no go! My lovely friend Tracie Louise will be aghast at the shots (as her lovely shots have made a cover for a very well known author AND into one of Microsoft’s themes for their Windows operating systems), but I needed to share ‘something’ with the poor, very freezing friends around the top half of the globe. (yo mommus! Well, you said something warm would do, so you could do your poetry in a warmer frame of mind, and we got lots of beaches and surf!)

So I hope it warms the mind for a little while and gives fresh hope for the warm weather that is now not too far away.


P.S. Yes, I am in the market for a real camera…my birthday is in June! 🙂