The Dreaming

Meditation, now this I can do!

Really? Can you sit still and be silent for ten or twenty minutes? Or half an hour? No squirming, your mind going ten to the dozen about what you need at the shops tomorrow or jobs you need to do around the house. For something so non exerting, non doing, non requiring it can be an interesting ‘thing’ meditation. Who would have thought such a simple act could be so complicated. And that is what meditation is all about. Removing all of those day to day bits that we function on in all our conscious doings.

It has become so engrained that we become a little lost when trying to really relax and stop the mind from its usual zoom,Β  zoom to keep in front of all we do. For this action of meditation, we need to learn inaction, mind and body. Mind you, I believe that after much practice you and I can meditate while ‘doing’ almost anything. But please, not while driving the car or doing surgery, not in the beginning anyway.

You will eventually be able to converse with your higher self, guide or God after a little practice, and for myself I found it was unusual at first, meditating at a friend’s home, trying to understand just what I was getting with all these strange images that seemed to resolve into each other. Sometimes not really giving me any understanding that I could see was for me directly or anyone around me.

But after a while I would get the occasional ‘message’ come through. Now, for me, and I think everyone else will agree that when you see an ‘image’ or ‘photo’ it portrays a lot of information. I.e. A photo of a child smiling away happily. Now when you see this photo, in that first instance you can see, a smiling face, a sunny day, many other children in the background in sports gear, a football in the child’s hand. Now in that glance you take in a huge amount of information. A lovely sunny day happily playing football with other children. All from a tiny square image. When an image comes from meditation it does the same thing AND can add that with feelings and emotions that can come with it also. Thereby amplifying the whole instance.

Now I’m not saying that meditation is all about images as I can also just have the feelings and emotions (with no image)and I just KNOW it is referring to something in particular. Or it can be a ‘movie’ about something that will show YOU, as this is all about who you are and what spirit/higher self/God is wanting to show you, what you want to know about or understand.

For me it was while reading a story on how someone was wanting to speak with spirit/higher self/God.(I’m just going to refer to it as spirit from now on, as I personally believe they are all one, it’s like us all, we are many faceted by being human, mother/fathers, sons/daughters, workers, teachers and students, all from within the one person. As above, so below. This is about finding who you are and what you believe…your truth). Now remember this suited me perfectly for who I am. Try it and see how it feels for you. The story said that as your about to go off to sleep at night, ask spirit for you to become aware and understand anything that is for your highest good and remember it in the morning. To keep a diary next to your bed and write down anything upon waking, because if you leave this for any length of time you forget it quite fast because your connection to spirit is rapidly diminishing as you wake. The ego is awakening.

I began this to try it out and in the beginning not a lot happened or if anything came in it would be a little disjointed. So at this point I decided to refine it a little. I asked spirit to let me remember and bring me up from my sleep just enough that I could write it down and drop back into this sleep to go further or just go back to sleep. Now I will make a comment here on just what this all felt at this point. When we are actually asleep we let the ego go. The thing that gets in the way and makes mediation (initially) difficult to do. So in sleep, all that is left is my awareness (my spirit self) being lifted up from the sleep state and my higher self coming forward to pass on anything that is for my highest good. Initially, like anything else we start out with, takes time to get the feel of it, get used to it and refine what works and what doesn’t for us. After several months I found that it became easier to do, the ‘contact’ was becoming easier. And I found that it was easier to use my mobile phone’s voice recorder as while ever I wrote something in that state it was very ‘channelled’ and the next day I found it was very hard to read the writing sometimes. Recording was much easier, understandable (and sometimes not, you tend to speak very quietly, especially if your sleeping with someone and don’t wish to wake them, and it’s sometimes hard to hear on playback), and took much less time to do. Plus I could go back into the ‘contact’ space much easier. If you stay ‘awake’ too long you break the ‘contact’ and might not go back to where you previously were.

So eventually I began to receive a lot more clearer and more understandable information from spirit in such a way that I could relate it to where I was in my life and how I was dealing with things at that time (whether this was while I was asleep or now the ‘knowing’s’ that I get while awake). Now don’t misunderstand me at this point. It was not a mobile phone connection to spirit. Nor was it on tap for Lotto numbers or how to buy the million dollar mansion on the waterfront. Spirit passes on what is for your highest good, and you will know where it comes from because of that ‘truth’ and ‘love’ that it was given with. I.e. When spirit asked me three times in my sleep did I wish to be in the relationship with a lovely lady that I explained in ‘The Love’, I knew it was a truth from the heart, for my highest good and I accepted it from that place.

Mind you, I have also found that spirit has an incredible sense of humour. Now to some people that may sound a little ‘out there’ because their idea of spirit isn’t something that is full of jokes or laughter. But the reality is that spirit does do that, from a place of love, and the happiness that that gives. I in my infinite wisdom will attempt to do something, to which spirit will say no, and I will do anyway (because I’m not listening or trusting properly) to which will backfire on me, and straight away I ‘feel’ this amusement or laughter, and I know where it’s coming from (within) and I feel like an idiot. But I know it was given with great love, not an accusation in sight or any type of condemnation. It’s always about the learning, understanding and the love that it was given with. Always.


10 thoughts on “The Dreaming

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I cannot sit still…so I was told to change the definition of meditation..
    what did I do that I got lost in, completely lost….gardening was the answer…
    so meditation in my world is gardening, I hear whispers, I see the energy of spirits, I get amazing things done
    and the day passes and I am shocked by how much time has passed, because i feel like I had just started…
    Good Post Mark….
    I will need to re-read…I couldn’t concentrate because my eyes are drifting into dream world LOls..
    Thank you for sharing….I will be back …
    Hope all is well in your world…
    Take Care..You Matter…

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    1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

      All is well thank you maryrose! Meditation comes in so many forms. I’ll never forget the day that I was doing an hour’s massage with this nice (french) lady that was going through a terrible time as her husband was being treated for cancer. She would come to me for some energy work each week to keep her in a balanced and de-stressed state. I began this massage and next thing I know the hour is gone and I was standing beside her with my hands by my side. All I could remember was ‘healing’ from such a deep state and my awareness of self had moved me to one side and gave totally from within to her. It was such an incredible experience, I think for both of us. When she came outside, she gave me such a beautiful hug, said thank you very much to me and then left. Her husband passed away in that week and I never saw her again. But I knew we had touched on such a lovely level.
      It is lovely to touch that place around us and know that there is so much more than we imagine in this world. It is in dealing with this world that teaches us to go beyond and touch within so that we may understand and be able to give from the love of that discovery. Your magic is always in your thoughts and words that you share with us maryrose. I am glad to know that love from you, on this lovely journey of discovery we are on. May the beauty of that elemental spirit that resides within you, share it’s thoughts and understanding so that we may grow and be like the truth, that is the beauty all around us. You also Matter maryrose, always. Namaste


    1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

      Thank you, but aren’t we all? πŸ™‚ I’ve broken the spell of not loving myself. Do that, and all else will come πŸ™‚

      Again, thank you, to me it was an incredible poem, touched many places so that I may see. x


  2. scottishmomus

    This resonates very deeply, Mark. I never usually have much trouble ‘switching off’ and ‘tuning in’. Sometimes, but not a lot. Able to blob in the brain no problem! The connection at night during sleep is an incredible opportunity gifted to us to better process our lives and our meanings. It guides and illuminates. I don’t think it is any accident that people say, ‘sleep on it’ when offering advice to others. Clarity often relayed in sleep. An inner knowing.
    This is beautiful
    ‘As Above, So Below’ was a book I read in my teens or early twenties, maybe. Not exactly the same as described here but equating the universe with synchronicity on earth. A parallel number of universes almost with a central core of knowing.
    Beautiful. Thanks for directing me here. I have been doing so little reading. But that will be rectified. :)x

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    1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

      Your surprising me. I thought I was chatting with this amazing poet, now I find this very spiritual lady πŸ™‚ But I’m glad, with your understanding, that it does resonate with you. When I first tried this ‘dreaming’ with spirit, I could relate bits and pieces but it wasn’t until I became more confident in what I believed within myself that it came a lot easier. Some of my interchange with spirit has become so profound that I wake and just sit there for ages, understanding what has happened and what it means for me, with where I’m at in my life. So far it has been important that I am able to add my understanding to this blog and website. I’m beginning to realise that it is important that others can find THEIR inner knowing and truth so that their journey is becoming more pronounced and open. Things appear to be speeding up and everyone is being more open in their belief’s. And as spirit has said to me, if this website resonates with someone they will be attracted to it, then they will absorb what they need, if not they will find their path elsewhere.
      Thank you for your lovely comments and I do hope that the ‘bits’ that you find may help you realise more of that beautiful spirit within. Enjoy the journey πŸ™‚


      1. scottishmomus

        As far as I’m concerned it’s spirit first, all else follows. πŸ™‚ You should have known my mum. Communing in the spirit was second nature to her. Messages abounded. Gone now in body but spirit living forever.
        I’ll be glad to read more of your journey. If I miss any bits let me know whenever I post something you think, ‘aha!’. Quite a nice way of relating to what seems most pertinent at any given time. πŸ™‚ x

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        1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

          True. I only get into trouble when I just don’t balance what I’m doing by concentrating on one thing in my life to the detriment of all else. Yes we have things that we love to do but sometimes we just need to kick off our shoes and go for a walk. Spirit will throw something up out of left field to get the experience’s happening :). If your mum was anything like her daughter she would have been a woman from her heart, just like you do with your poetry. I’m glad you can remember her in that way. She will always be a part of who you are.
          I will give a nudge if I think something is relevant but I think maybe spirit will sneak in and give you a heads up in your sleep :). It is actually so beautiful when you make a connection like that within. It’s like any relationship, the more you connect the more you give from a place of love, trust and understanding. But in this case it is for you, just you, and because of that everything changes. It is an incredible experience because it is so different, there are no walls up, no fear of being hurt, no standing guard over your heart, simply because you can trust yourself, have that belief in yourself, and then give from that place.
          Looking forward to more of that lovely poetry, may it always come from within. Have a great day πŸ™‚


          1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

            With your comment of ‘Now’ above, something told me to look at your blog. The poem ‘To a Dear One’ has resonated incredibly with me and started something moving within. It has been an amazing experience and I thank you for your lovely poem. If it goes where I think it is going, You will be the first to know. The energy is still high, no point trying to ground myself any more as I need to be in this space to feel where I am going. I suppose it’s like swimming, you can’t do it unless your in it. Thank you for your insights and connection. Namaste πŸ™‚


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