Monthly Archives: May 2019

I’ve Run Away!

Because of the hiccups that I’ve been having with this site I’ve decided to move and try a self hosted site to see if I can get some sanity. All Posts and Pages from here are at the new site.
My apologies but when you click on the link below and go across to my site I would like all my followers to re-follow (just put your email in, at the blue column on the right at the top), and to keep everyone ‘posted’, so to speak, with any new posts, comments etc 😀
And please let me know if anything isn’t working properly 😀
Oh, and it is a bit clean looking because I wasn’t able to transfer the ‘likes’ over from this site (thankfully the comments came across), so feel free to click on anything that you have liked before 😀

Click here for new site —> Healing Your Heart