Monthly Archives: March 2019

The Sound Love Makes!

‘When the heart speaks the conscious objections crumble in an instant, and there is nothing left to decide. There are no doubts and there is no insecurity. As long as there is doubt and insecurity, the heart has simply not spoken yet.’

I just read the above but it had no author attached so I went for look see on the internet and up popped a book called ‘The Enchanted World’ by Sylvia Hartmann. I read a part of it and it may be an interesting read 😀

Regardless the above is a very beautiful truth ❤


This Is It!

Ok, I’ve finally backed everything up and about to step into the ‘nethers’. I’ll try a new theme first to see if it fix’s the hiccups on this site otherwise it will be back to scratch and a rebuild which will mean a new name etc. So If I drop off the map for a while…cross your fingers 😀
Spirit may have me starting a new path…and to be honest I can still ‘feel’ something in the background and about to hatch 😀