The Truth

Where do we begin!

Ok, what IS truth? You know when, as children, your parents ask the dreaded question ‘did you do that?’ to the fact that there is now crayon plastered all up the wall or you’ve created many enemies in the garden so you’ve used your sword to cut every flower head off mum’s prized roses or even later in life where you don’t want to look silly or embarrassed in front of the new friends by something you have done, so you ‘bend’ the facts to suit. Like ‘they did it’ pointing off to who knows where, or ‘it was (insert brother/sister/other friend here)’, or ‘I don’t know, I just got here’. Now after doing this and realising that ‘hey, they believe me’ and ‘I’ve got away with it’ (probably because mum/dad/friends love me so I get away with quite a bit), it reinforces the belief that if I do it this way it works so I persist and learn this is the way to go.

So, the seed has been planted.

Now the reality of this seed is that throughout your life, depending on how you’ve been brought up, will be influenced by, initially mum and dad but with more input by friends, lovers and relationships, all makes and models as you grow older. This can come out as people seeing you as being a really nice trustful person, as being ok but not really sure or an out and out wouldn’t trust them if they were the last person on earth.

Let’s say you’re the first type of person, the nicer type that will do anything for anyone. People know your nice, trustworthy, easy going, will do most things if asked. Beautiful if your coming from your truth. This person will say yes even if they are tired, sick, or really not in a good space. And if you’re giving to people on this level, that is not your truth. Why…because you’ve missed out on the most important person…you! Your truth is when you can honestly say to someone ‘I would love to help with (insert action here), but I’m not able to because of (insert reason here)’. Now this is the important bit. That reason MUST be the truth and said to the person with integrity. Not yelling it, not mumbling it, just telling it from the heart because it IS your truth and the real reason that you are not able to help.

Now the first time you do this the mind is screaming it’s head off, I have to do this, I can’t say no, what will they think of me etc etc. And to compound this the other person is probably firing guilt trips at you by the dozen. So you relent and off you go. Feeling really lousy because you have denied your truth. Think about it. How many times have you been in this position and wished you could have spoken up. And feel like you’ve failed even though the other person is overjoyed because you agreed to whatever they want. Now don’t get me wrong, helping people is great, but it must be done with your truth, your integrity and a balance within who you are. One sided is not a balance, and no I do not mean you only do it Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Friday’s or for this friend only. It is meant as what you truthfully feel within. The real reason you would like or not like to do something.

As for the guilty feeling because you didn’t do something, that is just a conditioning response that you have been taught all your life. That has been seen, felt and tuned in as a child way on up to adulthood. There’s 100 year grandparents still feeling it because it is all they know. So what do you do each time this ‘guilty’ screams inside your head? Very simple…you ignore it. If you KNOW within that you’re not really supposed to be helping someone or doing something. You know within yourself that if you have offered to do something and you pull out from the offer, then of course you will feel uncomfortable if you let the other party down. But if it’s for a legitimate reason, then give them your truth, the real reason you have had to pull out.

The basis of all this is that all of us find it very difficult to love ourselves. We feel unworthy of love or don’t deserve love. This too is a lifetime of being treated in this way and tuned in. What we are trying to do is tell yourself that YOU are loveable. Every single inch of who you are. By giving your truth you are loving yourself, loving who you are, being respectful of yourself. And because you do that it will be seen and felt by those around you. They can’t help but see and feel this change in you because it radiates from within you. And in this process of finding the new you and giving from that place a lot of people will begin to come closer to you because of what they feel. This also works the other way as well. Friends you’ve had for ages will drift away because they will see and feel that truth within you and they are not ready for that yet. Let them go with love as they also have their truth to find. They can even get quite upset at you because of what you are becoming and the loss that they feel from losing who you were. But that is ok, let them go with love, one day they will understand.

This journey of finding your truth and realising that when you begin to live it by your actions on a day to day basis, it begins to amaze you when you start seeing and feeling everything begin to change around you. People begin to see you in a new light. They treat you from a different perspective. And then the universe has it’s say. You begin to attract to you what you are giving out. It is such a natural process that it will let you finally understand what it’s all about. That truth is an intricate part of who you are. In the beginning you gave out a very bent version of who you are. So that you may learn and understand who you really are. As I have said before, you must know hate to know love, you must know what you were, to know what you want to become…truth! And all else will be added!

So, are you ready…do you wish to change who you are…see what may happen…and be the person you know is in there, and live that truth?


22 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. The Journey of finding Truth is slippery, troubling, difficult, scary yet … When all is said and done, and you do find it and then start living it, oh yes, that voice screams and has tantrums telling you this does not feel right. Of course it doesn’t. It’s NEW and it hasn’t been learned behavior. The more we follow Truth the more comfortable it becomes until the day arrives when a little white lie slips out we feel terrible! And then there are those who for the most part live their lives based on lies, who run terrified of you or lash out at you all because you shine with Truth. Great post, Mark. YOU keep on shining!! πŸ™‚ ❀

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    • Thank you Amy. And I appreciate your truth my friend. And as you said, it takes time to stand in that truth because we have had so many years of living a lopsided truth. But that has great purpose, it allows us to see and appreciate the good, because of the bad bits we’ve experienced…and that is the crux of it all. The process deep down shows us an appreciation and love of ourselves because of that understanding…we slowly realise that all those negatives we had hammered into us, are but someone else’s truth. And it is not ours…we spend the rest of our lives tripping and stumbling, like through your forest, to find and understand a false belief about ourselves, so that we can ‘see’ it for what it is…and let it go.
      And in doing so, we begin to re-build another heart, and this time it is built on a foundation of what IS our truth. A greater love cannot be found, but the love of ourselves in finding that truth within. A greater strength and power cannot be found anywhere else, but what we find in that understanding πŸ™‚
      Oh, and by the way…enjoy the camera…pssst, I’m jealous…but you didn’t hear that from me πŸ˜€ ❀

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      • Mark, dear Mark. I just this week was subjected to family junk in that some in my blood family are still living in the dark and when our paths cross (very infrequently thank goodness) the harshness and the “madness” is shocking and it hurts. I am SO happy I made a conscious choice to change. I wouldn’t want to be anyone other then who I am today!
        My camera arrived today! OH OH OH!!! I am in heaven, yet so pooped from the waiting and learning a bit new, I actually have put it down for the morrow. Tomorrow I play. OH BOY!! I dreamed this day would come, and it has. Put it out there, and keep that dream in your Heart. Do whatever it takes to achieve that camera as being yours. I waited years for this day to come. Years. And now that it is here, I am plumb worn out. LOL A good night’s rest and I will be ready to roll. Petals is in for a treat!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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        • Go Amy πŸ™‚ And yes, you are appreciating the arrival of your camera because of the hard work going into creating it πŸ™‚
          Enjoy your new ‘hikes’ and may God bless you with some images to capture within them πŸ™‚
          As for the ‘others’ in this world, and as hard as this can feel, they too are a part of you, finding you.
          It hurts, but finally we let them go in love because we can now see where they are coming from, from where we once were. And each one of these journeys brings us closer to that unconditional love within.
          And you my kind friend, after all that you have been through, must be getting awful close now πŸ˜€
          Love and blessings for a truly beautiful wander with your camera Amy, you have earned it πŸ™‚

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          • Oh, Mark! How I stand here with tears. How is it that you and some others “see” me, yet when it comes to my own family they do not see me? The struggles, the pain, the sacrifices, the sorrows, the selfless work I do, the beauty I create, the kindness I extend to others, the Love I have in my Heart … And I am still seen through a hate filled lens. Such sadness I know to know that these very ones are missing out on what Life is all about … The Peace, the Joy, the Fun, the Bliss, the Growth, the Love …. I am just so humbled that my NDE gave me impetus to change. I am so grateful to God and His Angels for guiding me, grooming me, allowing me the Grace to spread my Wings to learn to Fly. I’m really in tears if you cannot feel that. I will wander with my camera and as I am told, the temperatures are finally going to be cooling off affording me opportunties to actually be comfortable while hiking and exploring. That camera believe me gets heavy after a while especially when one hikes for hours on end. Bless you, Mark. I am so filled with such gratitude that our paths have crossed. Thank you. ❀

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          • It is my pleasure kind lady, as is my gratitude for your input into my life by your journey in your blog. It has shown me much courage my friend, as well as ‘seeing’ a beautiful hearts journey :).
            And it IS an incredible journey, this slowly discovering who we really are within.
            And those that still cannot ‘see’ you, is because they are still haunted by ‘their’ fears. You, by standing in your truth, can be viewed quite threateningly by them, and more to the point, they can only see through the lens of their fear. It’s like a filter of life, and if its orange, everything will be viewed with that orange ‘taint’.
            All our lives are like that, our fear filters everything, even things as simple as cleaning our teeth to how we physically walk, is all affected by that filter. I kid you not, our fears ARE that powerful, because WE give them that power. And it is in discovering our truth that we begin to give out a ‘clear’ truth, no longer tainted by that old filter that is no longer required in our life.
            It has been one of the most amazing things to ‘see’ another after they have gone through an incredible ‘dark night of the soul’, and watch as the understanding hits them. The shock as they touch that truth within…and then slowly see them completely change. Everything they do feels like it is all brand new…even to just walk, they must re-learn to do it again, simply because those fears have been released and they are no longer there, holding them in a lifetime pattern. The filters for ‘everything’ is gone. And the light coming in is the most incredible thing to witness. It is a magic like no other, never forgotten, simply because it is who you now are.
            As I think you would be very aware Amy, after your journey it touches every fibre of your being. Just be that light, and all else will follow πŸ™‚
            I think I have had a bucket full of filters by now, all released into the void. I now have clear lens’s….well, pretty clear anyway πŸ˜€
            Just do you Amy, a greater truth you will not find πŸ™‚ Big hugs my friend, enjoy YOUR filter-less glide through your forests of life πŸ™‚

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          • I agree with you about how powerful fear is. I share with you a true story. My husband lives in fear and it is so so difficult for me to live with him. Please knock me off that pedestal you seem to have me on because this man of anyone I know can bring my dark to the surface, and yes, it does come to the surface. Not all the time, no, but it still does.
            Anyways … he had an invite from his brother to go fishing, which he loves, and because the fishing would be from a boat far out on the lake, he made up all kinds of excuses why he cannot go. You see, he is not a strong swimmer and he is afraid to go out on that boat. Even with a good life vest, he is not going. As a result he is going miss out on a lot of fun.
            Getting back to my darkness, I am learning through this man how to choose LOVE over the baggage I brought along with me from my childhood and other lifetimes. I am learning many things, and they are not fun lessons. Much of my wisdom I have gained through this relationship. I also have yet to give up on him for I “see” the possibilities in this man. He has a brilliant mind yet most of the time he refuses to use it resulting in manic behavior and constant running of the mouth, which yes drives me nuts. He is afraid of success, he is afraid of happiness, he is afraid of fun. Such a twisted outlook on life, and it is all because he is still afraid to really live because he walked out of Nam alive when many of his buddies did not. That and the experiences he had made him so afraid of just about everything.
            So I know exactly what that fear lens is all about for I live with someone whose eyes are filled with fear. When he gets in projects where he uses his mind and hands, the ceaseless chattering stops and he applies himself. That is one of my roles in his life trying to get him involved in projects. I haven’t been very successful but I do not quit. And yes there are days I would love to walk out the door, but God with his ironic sense of humor, has made sure there are circumstances in my life so that I do not walk. Yep. True.
            As for my biological family I have chosen many years ago not to have them actively in my life with the exception of one sister and my mother. When I got pulled into a family misunderstanding recently because I stood up with Truth I got shot at by another sister whose vile hatred and anger stung me horribly. I did not retaliate but instead, said nothing as I sent her “arrows” of Love instead of hate that she shot. Then very gracefully I exit not looking back, knowing that what transpired did so for a reason and now I move on.
            I’ve really been thinking about what all you said here. Again, dear friend, please don’t see me through rose colored glasses. I am human just as much as the next guy. As well, the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. And so, Life goes on ….. πŸ™‚ ❀

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          • No pedestal Amy, I promise. But what I can now see after spirit has guided me, is the most incredibly beautiful heart in each and every soul that is on this planet. I am not kidding, inside us all is a journey like no other, to reveal a diamond unlike anything else in this universe. And your diamond is glowing nicely ‘because’ of what you have been through. A compassion is never given, it can only grow, and only then from understanding.
            And you and your husband have been attracted to each other for one reason only, you are both the exact thing that is needed to open, understand and heal each other in whatever way that is needed. It is always a two way street. And as you have explained, your husband has been through one of the most painful things that has occurred on this planet, but it has great purpose…it will guide him within, and beside him is a guide like none other. You! And you do love him very much, because you ARE the love that will guide him home…the home that has been missing in action for many, many years. And also, he, being the exact person that he is, will guide you to find you, understand your journey so that you may be healed also.
            And the reason that you are exactly what is needed for you both is…you both drive each other NUTS! And that my dear friend tells me that you ARE on your paths, with the exact right person, because those buttons are still being pushed to let you know there is more to see in our hearts.
            And I also know when we have learned our lessons…it is when we no longer get angry or frustrated, no more wishing it was all over, and no more crazy times in the things that we do.
            Why? Because I ‘touched’ unconditional love…and I can ‘see’ it all around in all that we do…and it is not until we understand our fears within ourselves that the blind fold is released, and an understanding like nothing else descends on us. And that descent is like nothing else that happens on this planet, and the only way I can explain it is…falling in love that first time, looking into the eyes and ‘connecting’ with your baby at birth (and that sometimes doesn’t happen, simply because the parent has a journey to complete), it is that profound.
            And something else I must explain at this point, I ‘feel’ that I have a great awareness at this time in my life because of what I have experienced, and have been shown by spirit in those experiences…but even after all that, I still trip and stumble…all simply because most lessons are not that abrupt, it takes time to really ‘understand’ all that happens underneath the many things that we do experience. As an example, your husband is afraid of many things, but it isn’t in those things that he is afraid of…it is what drives them underneath that fear that holds all in its grasp. It is understanding what really drives them that he will be released. And in all our fears, we don’t want to face them (who does, they terrorise us), but it is not until we have the courage to face them that we start to really look underneath and find what that trigger has always been. That and that only, will show us how to forgive, release, and finally love ourselves within that journey. And what I then understood is simply this…I can ‘see’ me…in everyone else….struggling in all that we do. And in that understanding I realise that everyone doesn’t mean to be hurtful or angry with us and all around…they are all just trying to cope with and escape a horror film that keeps getting played over and over again. And we keep avoiding it, only for it to come around again.
            BUT, in that long, sometimes life long, drawn out battle…we finally discover us…and in that discovery is a love like nothing else. It is a love of ourselves, finally after struggling with years of torment of feeling such low worth and negativity of ourselves, we finally understand what has driven it all, and a release that I can barely give words to, will create that connection within that we have been missing all our lives.
            And when it happens, all our judgements go out the window in how we feel about ourselves and others…all because we now ‘understand’ what had driven those feelings all those years. And then we begin to ‘see’, and I mean really SEE it in everyone else, and realise they are only struggling just as we have all that time, and a great compassion comes from within us because of that. A release of all those ways we use to act, because it is no longer us. We are free…finally…totally…free.
            It is a truth….our truth…that we finally discover, because it is no longer hidden by the fears that we used to hold us apart…we have removed that duality in our lives, and are now able to be truly happy, loving and truly become a part of all that is. Our lives now have meaning in all that we do, and in that meaning a peace envelops us, our struggling diminishes, and in loving ourselves our compassion becomes a part of who we are. And a greater saying has never been said that…’in healing ourselves, we will heal the world’, for we cannot help another truly, until we help ourselves.
            You and your husband are doing perfectly Amy, even on the bumpy bits, because all paths lead home πŸ™‚
            P.S. Looking forward to your ‘new’ camera in action πŸ™‚

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          • The books you write …. you need to get yourself published! In all seriousness! The river runs deep in you and it is never ending at that.
            Bottom line I would not be the holder of so much wisdom and knowledge if I had not lived it. It just wouldn’t be so. That being said, my husband is one of my biggest Teachers bringing up within myself those nasty slippery pieces that love to hide in the dark. And in so doing I see them and the work in progress begins. The only way the work can begin is to see … for what you do not see you do not know. Too many walk away from challenging relationships, running smack back into another relationship that only shows the same trends or issues only in different ways. I’ve stopped running but the woman cries at times longing for that closeness, that touch. And even in this, Good is known as I learn I am complete as I AM.
            I used to see Good in all no matter who. Then when I myself took a dive into a deep dark cesspool, that ability vanished. And this is Good too, Mark. For in doing so, I now see more realistically and have developed even a keener edge of knowing what is what. With my own personal pain of loss over and over again, my ability to laugh and to be light is barely visible and it is only Faith that I hold tight to the knowing, my carefree laughing Self will be known again. Every day is a choice for me either to give in to the pain or rise above it, even if I am not able to laugh. I’m getting there, with bursts of real laughter coming to the forefront as if to say … I am still here!! πŸ™‚ I have yet to pull myself completely together yet after enormous losses and today I get a phone call from one of my sisters, telling me our mother who has kidney cancer has begun to really decline. I’m not ready for this, I just am not. She is out of state and it may sound horrible but I am not going to see her until I have me firmly all together. That and the fact I still have some here who are struggling and need me. I have some who must be hand fed which my husband does not know how to do. I have meds I give every day and it is different each day for each cat actually tells me if they need them or not. Husband does not know how to do this. MY family, they mostly being “cats” come first. Many will not see it from how I see, but if I do not take care of myself first and get all here on stable ground and hubby taught as to what to do, I will fall and fall hard. I’ve been through bloody hell and back more times lately then I care to think about. No. First me. Then MY family. Then I can start thinking about getting on a plane to see my mother. And I honestly don’t care what others think. I Love my mother but I don’t Love her to the point I will harm myself. I’ve learned that the hard way and I am not about to throw that away.
            All is Perfect and is what IS. I’m learning a huge Lesson this Life, dear friend, and that is, putting myself first. I was taught that was wrong and selfish. Self Love is not wrong and I deserve health and strength as well as the next person. Only I know what I have been through and the tolls it has exacted. And only I can make the decisions best for me.
            Now I go to rest, something I still am in need of. Tomorrow will be my first post with pictures from my 6D and a story that probably will give you the goosebumps. Until then, may God bless you for your continued friendship and interaction with me. I am deeply touched and very humbled that you take so much time to write to me. ❀

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          • You are so worth it Amy. When another cannot hold out a hand in friendship, when they are able and do understand, then their love IS self centered. You are still within your trials to that understanding.
            Yes, great wisdom has been gained, but it takes time to integrate that within who you are. It is a long journey, and in the middle of all of this is our ability to compound it by the many expectations of ourselves and others.
            And it is in understanding our fears that we will release those expectations. We will see them for what they are, a reason to compound our low self worth, and lack of self love.
            But those are all built on one thing only, the fear that we hold in our hearts. Find it, see it for what it is, and you will be free. That one thing blots out all the beauty around us, blinds us to our truth by the walls that we build. But in among that ‘dark of the night’ is one thing that will always guide us. That self same heart! Even though we bind it with our walls, it still lets us ‘see’.
            Follow your heart my friend, it ‘knows’ your truth and will guide you truly. And be gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to breeeeathe…that is loving you too πŸ™‚ ❀

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          • No need to tell me this is a long Journey for it seems never ending. One thinks a concept is grasped and understood only for that same concept to come again only on a different level leaving that one going back to square one all over again. Remember me saying the more I know the more I realize I don’t know? Oh and this and more is so true.
            As I heal within and gain my strength back and do what I must here, I speak with my mother every day. Many in my family have not forgiven her for being the awful mother she was, yet it is their loss for they have missed out on the chance of forgiveness and to discover who this woman is. And if they stopped and really “saw” the situation from her side of things, OH they would so get it why she acted the way she did. I am not excusing her behavior. I am though understanding and forgiving. My mom is strong and she will hold on until I get there. I am putting that Intention out now.
            When I am surrounded by Mother in all Her Glory I transcend this little body to merge with Me. This grief I still hold within my Heart is there for a reason for when the JOY comes back and it shall, nary a day will pass I will not cherish it so.
            I only know to follow my Heart. When I do not, that is what I stumble and fall. I am responsible for creating my life and no one else. And in creating Beauty my Bliss is foretold. πŸ™‚

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          • Beautifully said Amy. Much wisdom in those words my friend, and that could only be created by going through those fears. And you do have much empathy for your mom, and others, because you now understand their journey, by what you yourself have now witnessed within yourself. I bow to another master, a master of her truth.
            And yes, it does create a beauty within that words cannot describe, and you will glow with that discovery. Shine on my friend, a journey well met πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Sue. It begins very awkward because of how we have been brought up, but like all else we do, it’s in the attitude of what we want for ourselves. Sometime we realize that enough is enough from being treated poorly so we begin the change and slowly begin to stand up and say what we mean. And of course in the beginning that can sometimes be given with a dose of anger or a mumble under our breath, but eventually we feel the difference in what it can mean to be that truth within, and then receive from the universe exactly what we are now putting out there in our actions.
      Have a great week too Sue, I hope your ‘retirement’ is going along nicely (even though the vegetable plot has LOT’S of work still in there πŸ™‚ ). Take care, Mark


  2. Now if you hadn’t said that I wouldn’t have thought that. πŸ™‚ I didn’t take that from your comment at all. I really appreciated your words. Yes, I hope my poetry speaks truth and I always speak the truth where possible. But, there are also many times when I agree to doing something when I really don’t want to. Exactly as you described. No offence taken at all. Not at all. And that’s the truth. πŸ˜‰ x

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    • Phew, thank the Lord for that, it WAS obviously a lesson for me. Better sit by the ocean today and watch the whales go by, hopefully spirit and I will have a little chat. Thank you for your words (and truth), may the beauty of yours spread far and wide. Have a great day πŸ™‚ x


    • Well put, and in saying that you are giving your truth. We are only hiding our hearts behind our words so that we cannot get hurt. We all do it. It is only when we discover that in saying our truth it builds strength and reduces our fears. I bet the poems that you write on your blog give you great strength and confidence. Because you are writing your truth, they are from the heart and have great power in their affect on others. I feel the truth and heartfelt words in all your writings because it does come from your heart. A greater truth cannot be found but the truth within. And I thank you for your truth. One day you will discover the power of your words and the impact that they have on other peoples lives. Do that with everyday living for yourself and it all begins to change and you attract the universes truth back to you. You then begin to give from that place. And yes, I do know what you mean…that is part of the journey too. Thanks for the comment…and the lovely poetry πŸ™‚ xx


        • scottishmomus you have my heartfelt apologies for my previous comment when you visited my ‘The Truth’ page. On looking back I realised that when I said we ‘hide’ behind our words I meant that on a day to day basis. Most definitely NOT with your poetry as I feel its integrity and truth totally. Again my apologies for not putting my brain into gear before speaking. Mmm, that’s twice in two days, must be a little lesson for someone else I be thinking.


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