The Reverse

I’m deliberately doing this in reverse…no way, you’re kidding me?

No, not kidding at all. Throughout your life you will have seen this a million times but not given it any thought. It is a perfect example of how the universe works to perfection. Wherever you are at in your life you will attract the exact circumstance to enable you to learn whatever it is you require on your journey. Totally free will to do as you wish, but with the added clause of ‘going’ in a certain direction. It is like going for a trip to the zoo. You know it’s in the city, it will probably take a couple of hours to get there, and there will be animals and people all over the place. But….you will have absolutely no idea whether you’ll get a flat tyre on the way, meet a tall, dark handsome stranger, not make it there at all because you’ve been sidetracked, (probably by a tall, dark and handsome stranger), and so on. So you had great intentions and embarked on a journey that to all intents and purposes was going where you wanted it to go.

Now I point out the above to show you that during our life it is not consciously really under our control. Yes, you can choose a course but within you, you will attract exactly what you need. A flat tyre? Yes, a flat tyre can do amazing things. Stop you from being in an accident further down the road, delay your journey enough that so when you are nearly there you see a thunderstorm about to drown the zoo out, (and if you had gotten there earlier you would be caught in a miserable, sodden, animals hiding in their pens from the storm type situation), that would be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

And this brings me to the emotional side of your life. Everything we do or are involved in brings an emotional response, ie. flat tyre = grrrr! , day at the zoo (with no storm) = yayyy! So you can see a pattern here of what our responses here are under different circumstances. Now some people don’t go grrrr when they get a flat tyre. They go ‘oh shoot!’ and get on with changing the tyre. They do not have a problem with patience or the world is out to get them by doing this to them. They take it in their stride and move on. But the person that gets all worked up, angry and frustrated, thinks the world is out to get them, is ‘creating’ exactly what they need. Experiencing the ‘exact’ thing that they think they don’t want, so that the more it is a problem, the more it is in their face. It is in fact the total REVERSE of what they think they want. Yes, they have attracted this until gradually they learn and understand that what they are doing is not working, it is a constant upset, and they no longer wish to do it this way any longer. Usually by this stage they are emotionally exhausted. Angry and frustrated because they feel the world is out to get them.

The usual thing that everyone will recognise as a REVERSE is that usual old friend called ‘love’. It is the most incredible teaching tool there is. I was brought up in such a way to think that no one loved me, I was not lovable and so I kept that failing within myself. But what I did do was any time I was in a relationship I would counteract this feeling by doing the REVERSE. I would smother my partner with so much love that they couldn’t possibly not love me. And then wondered why they pulled away. And I blamed them totally. How could it be possible that they didn’t want love. I wanted it all the time, why wouldn’t they want love. Now of course where they have been has been to understand that I was actually smothering them with my fear…of my not wanting to be rejected…and creating that exact scenario. Absolutely perfect! So that I may learn that I was actually doing the REVERSE and pushing them away. Very conditional was my love, doing something and expecting something in return.

So gradually our lives begin to change. We don’t want to do it this way anymore because it is painful, draining and we will also notice that this affects the people around us also. Usually to such a degree that these people, (friends, partners etc), will spend less and less time with us because of the anger or frustration that is shown. They feel this and don’t want to be a part of that, they have enough problems of their own without feeling drained because of what they feel coming from within the other person. Here is another point to remember, these people will attract someone that will push the exact button to start the anger, frustration etc. More perfection! The reality is each and every time you feel upset, angry or frustrated with someone or something…ask yourself why…what is it that is actually happening…how do you feel…and more to the point, if you go deep enough, you will understand what is making you unhappy, and once you understand the reason, you will realise what is causing it, and let it go. If you can truthfully look inside and understand your truth in why something is affecting you, then your awareness has just been raised and you begin to look at yourself a lot differently. It’s a gradual process which can still push buttons…until we understand.

So the journey goes on, touching on things that affect us, realisation of those things and to move past those into a happier place by not allowing these things to create the way we used to feel. It’s called wisdom. And it cannot be obtained in any other way but by doing it, understanding it, and then integrating it into our lives. The deeper, more painful the lesson, the greater the wisdom. If you are just shown that if you put your hand in the fire that you will get hurt, yes, you take that on board. But if you actually stick your hand in the fire, everything changes, and takes on a whole new meaning. Lessons are there for our balance. Many the lesson that is wonderful that we always keep in our hearts because of the beauty that we are shown by them. The birth of a child, the celebration of an achievement, the love of another. They are all there to show balance and bring understanding to such a degree that we may all give from that place. And those around us feel us giving from that place, so in turn understand what that means to be in that place. It’s all a journey for you, just for you, to understand to such a degree that if anything does happen to you, accept it for what it may mean to you, try to understand what it means for you, integrate it, and let it go.

I’ve reached a place, (finally, yes I’m a male and can be a ‘little’ obstinate at times but that’s what I attract!), where I can see myself doing something that I KNOW is not the right thing to do…and I do it anyway…the REVERSE…and I will have a little laugh, acknowledge it, tell myself I know better now, let it go and move on.
A beautiful journey when you finally realise that everything, and I mean everything, is going exactly how it should, to help you, allow you to understand and more lovingly integrate it into who you are. That beautiful, loving creature that is, in itself, an integral part of an amazingly wonderful creation that is this universe and all that belongs in it.


7 thoughts on “The Reverse

  1. willow marie

    Love this and am wishing u’d been here writing it the other night when I spilled a whole cup of coffee into my MAC.(Grrrrr) It’s still on life support, but this post was a boost and support for me today. Thx!

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    1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

      My pleasure Willow Marie. Isn’t it amazing what happens when we are right into something…and an event occurs that really rocks the boat.
      If something like that happens to me I usually take a deep breath, release any frustration because I know it is only keeping me in that emotion and not helping, and get into repairing what I can.
      Later I look back and ‘see’ what it may have been built on from my actions.
      Sometimes I can’t see a thing, and that makes me wonder, but that may only be me being able to see that I’m all cool and collected and not allowing life to drag me from pillar to post 🙂
      I do hope your MAC can be resurrected and doesn’t become a caffeine addict, thank you for sharing kind lady 🙂


  2. Meg Evans

    Yes, Mark, it often seems that there are so many patterns to unwind, tracing them back to their origins is like walking through a maze. Or perhaps an old-fashioned labyrinth where one meanders slowly through its gentle twists and curves while meditating.

    This year I’ve been on a quest to discover a positive blog every day, finding a few bread crumbs here and there to guide me on the journey, and keeping a chronicle of my virtual travels on my own blog. Your site is today’s entry. I came here after reading your comment on Allison’s blog, and appreciate your encouraging words! 🙂

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    1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

      Thank you very much Meg. It is a big journey, but a beautiful one. Full of those hard bits that test us before we gain those wisdoms and release our worries into the wind. And the beauty that unfolds within us is worth those journeys, even though at times we wish it would all end. But that is the point, if we are given something we take it with a grain of salt, but if we have to really work at something it is so much more appreciated because of what we’ve been through. My thanks for adding me to your list of positive sites. It is very much appreciated and looks like a great place for others to find that uplifting thing to start any day with. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, have a beautiful Christmas, may it have a few bread crumbs within it 🙂 Namaste


  3. scottishmomus

    This makes perfect sense to me. Complete free will. Free to do the ‘right thing’ or the ‘wrong’, even to ourselves. Free to take one road or the other. to make choices that will impact on where we are and what we need to learn at that moment. I feel that even now. Recognising it allows for a more free expression of self. Believing that where you are is where you should be. We have directed ourselves to this moment. Nothing fatalistic about it. Free choice to move to each moment in time.
    Great understanding, I feel here, of why we do the things we do. For our own enlightenment and edification. Hopefully.x

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    1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

      Yes, definitely for our enlightenment . The reality is, the universe is one huge school that fits each and every one of us, our circumstances and our environment to perfection but with the exception of no right or wrong like our schools. Everything is a learning experience for our understanding. Nothing interfering with anything else. When I was shown this it was so amazing in all it’s inclusiveness. Definitely not run like we think the world should be run, thankfully. Thank you for your lovely insight. Mark

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