Monthly Archives: August 2018

Lost soul :) !

Good morning one and all, I do hope you are all going to have a lovely weekend.
For me I have created a hiccup with my email server which is refusing to connect me back to the world so I haven’t received any posts, likes, comments or even a cup of coffee from a lost delivery man over the last couple of days. Even my bills haven’t turned up…which I’ll take as a blessing…until I’m overdue and my electricity gets cut off 😀
And I don’t even know if this is going to post so I may be just talking to myself. My mum says I do it all the time 😀
So I’m not ignoring anyone 😀 …just lost for a while until I can sort this out. And just to add to this ‘holiday’ I’m going away for a few days to help a horse which has cancer, he’s been calling out to me for another healing…but to be truthful he just loves a good brush and a hug, to which I will lovingly reply 😀
Until I return and sort this all out, may your email be working, your hair get a good brush, your body get a good hug…and an order of coffee knock at your door 😀 ❤