The Traveler!

The soul…eternal…connected…sharing…as one. But just imagine being eternal…ageless…forever part of these multiverses. A balance…at times physical…emotional…spiritual…independent, in the many forms taken. A ‘life’ that goes on and on, forever seeking….something. It cannot just ‘be’, for it is always absorbing, accepting from all around. Otherwise it would stagnate, diminish and be absorbed into what ‘is’. In […]

Seeking Love!

In all that we do in our lives, the largest most meaningful act that we do…is to seek love. It is the one thing that drives us, above all else…to find a love that will complete us, give us that happiness we so desperately search for, and a smile that goes on forever! But each […]

First Love!

I was just minding my own business, I think Not concentrating on anything in particular One of those idle moments when you’re just absorbed in yourself Off guard, defence’s down, not expecting…anything And I think that is the secret to this time The shock of so many things coming together All in a heartbeat, the […]