Emotional Intimacy!

Ok, I’m now going to explain to you something that we all tend to unintentionally avoid. A little thing you can do to change that ‘who you are within’, and create a space that in most peoples lives has been missing due to the rush, rush of life. Or as most people come to realise, […]

Traits of an Empath!

Reblogged from soulvisionhealing Just an interesting list to ‘see’ what traits you may have. We all have the ability, and it can be more pronounced depending where you are at in your life! —————————————————————- Traits of an Empath Empaths as a rule are often highly misunderstood people who have the amazing yet intense ability to […]

Two Wolves!

This post was triggered by a post by a lovely lady, Pat Cegan (Pat’s Pondering – evil), and it brought back a part of my journey where spirit showed me something we all partake in. Throughout life we have many instances of doing right and wrong in a maze of our day to day lives. […]

Monday Meeting — Anything For Love

Originally posted on Soul Gatherings:
In February 2014, one of Gerdi McKenna’s friends wrote an e-mail requesting a photoshoot for all her friends, as she had been diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before. Here is what happened among the friends at the photoshoot: Video Credit: Albert Bredenhann, YouTube __________________________________________

Finding the Beauty Within!

My previous post that I reblogged from : Endless Light and Love! And click on this link for that post below: Indigo Children, They are So Switched On to Life was such an amazing thing to watch and feel, especially where it came from. (See this video first so that you may understand the rest of […]

Reach Out!

Reach out, reach out, I will always be your friend, always in my heart, a strength I will send, don’t let those fears, be your lonely guide, don’t let your heart, be burnt away inside, don’t ever think, the things that you feel, are not so important, they are not so very real, when it […]