My Very First Post – #MyFirstPostRevisited

A tag started by a blogger/writer called Sarah Brentyn, asking us to revisit our first ever blog posts! ❤ I have been very nicely asked by my friend Carolina to visit my first ever post…and after 3 minutes of scrolling down the page…ta daaaa! Here is my very first Blog Post: ——————————————————————- THE JOURNEY HAS […]

First Love! (Part II)

What can I say, that first encounter (First Love!) was over 12 months ago. She crossed my mind often, in between life’s many wanderings…but not to make ‘that’ meeting again. It felt like a loss, but not, because I was blessed with touching something so beautiful for what it was. So I moved on, lived […]

The Traveler!

The soul…eternal…connected…sharing…as one. But just imagine being eternal…ageless…forever part of these multiverses. A balance…at times physical…emotional…spiritual…independent, in the many forms taken. A ‘life’ that goes on and on, forever seeking….something. It cannot just ‘be’, for it is always absorbing, accepting from all around. Otherwise it would stagnate, diminish and be absorbed into what ‘is’. In […]