A Moment in Time!

A time to stand still and look within after a realisation of self…

Healing Your Heart!

And you will never forget that moment…all has led to this beautiful point. All the striving and hardships to achieve some unknown yearning, some direction or path that has meaning. And suddenly a understanding comes within…just a flutter, you try to grasp it, and it turns away. Release it and it comes back, opening like a flower. Sometimes it is difficult, but I realise now, that was because I was getting in the way. The mind trying to grasp something by the good old fashioned way of logic.

Totally useless when you begin to realise this understanding comes from within. It has always been there but life just gets in the way. It has taken me many years to gain this understanding, and like any journey there is a beginning.

You read and read, listening to others around you, all the while taking some things on board and rejecting what…

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18 thoughts on “A Moment in Time!

    • Thank you Sue, I will answer your other comment in a moment. Thank you for the comment on the new theme. It works fine as I wanted a theme that would remove that text format problem I had with some posts in one format and the next in another. It was quite off putting (to me 😀 ). And it allowed all my posts in short form. the only drawback has been the search box on the left at the top, it takes up the entire left column and I can’t edit it. I’m a web designer and I’ve tried to strip the bare bones code but it won’t let me for some reason. I think some themes won’t allow anything beyond basic on or off or moving things around. In the edit mode it comes up but refuses to allow me to turn it off. I think I’m being tested 😀

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    • Thank you Michele, I also needed to read it again, hence the re-post. It also reminded me that this world is a training ground to find my heart, with lots of ‘life’ noise all around. Spirit asked me to ‘listen’ a little more to the heartbeat within, it has something to say 😀
      Thank you for sharing, may your ‘life’ also have much love to share ❤ 😀


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