Empaths Forgot Their Power

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Empaths: Sensitive people whose primary mode of communication is vibrational – highly responsive to energy.

Conflict: Most have used this ability to hide or manipulate rather than feel and thrive. We call this “helping hurt-heartothers.”

When I first realized there was a name for what I was, I read as much as I could about what it meant, and was immediately discouraged.

The message?

You’re basically the most vulnerable person on the planet. Good luck with that. Don’t forget to “buckle up” with your “shield of protection.”

Great. So I’m sensitive (already been told that my entire life).

But perhaps the most nauseating part of it all was reading the many blog forums and online articles where empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) glorified their terrible boundary issues and blood doll status as if it were a badge of service to the planet.


I can’t say this is true…

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6 thoughts on “Empaths Forgot Their Power

    1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

      We all have that ability to feel, it is only blunted by life. It is when we understand our truth within, and begin to stand in that truth, that we begin to really see others as they are, and not be confused with what we are feeling within. Thank you for sharing featheredsleep.

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      1. thefeatheredsleep

        Sometimes seeing others makes me want to run screaming. You reassure me there are sane souls still among us.


  1. MamaMickTerry

    What a wonderful post to reblog, Mark!

    “we typically end-up glorifying co-dependent relationships and unhealthy boundaries because we falsely believe that everyone’s happiness depends on us and we develop a sort of “helper” complex.

    Or we take the shielding/protection advice and hide ourselves from the world, believing the only means of survival is to go into the psychic’s version of the “witness protection program.” We disengage from relationships and “normal” life and call it “coping with our sensitivities.”

    YIKES! *raises hand. Guilty as charged.

    You are so good about bringing relevant topics to the surface and you always provide (or find) a great perspective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂


    1. Mark Lanesbury Post author

      Hi Michelle. I must admit to being totally guilty of all charges myself. When I saw this I just had to reblog. But this is our journey. We are all empathic in many different ways and our emotional upbringing will highlight those bits that need attention.
      I think the only reason others don’t ‘feel’ is because of the walls they have built over time which, they think, is shielding them from the pains of this world. But subconsciously it all comes in so that we can go past those fears and become that totally open, sensitive individual that can touch their hearts and not go through six padlocks, a chain or two and a security system that would do the White House proud 🙂
      Thank you for an honest and lovely comment, that is half the journey to realise what is inside, you are doing well 🙂 Mark



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