A little time out!

My apologies if I have ignored anyone or not replied to any comments over the last week or so, but I’ve taken the plunge and moved house. Besides not being able to find anything (computer included), spirit decided I needed a break, so to do that required a very genius idea, spirit got me to go to my telephone provider and ask them to do something simple, like create a new broadband account. It is now buried somewhere very deep in a room somewhere and they have let me know I MAY have it by the end of this week. Well, at least I think they said this week πŸ™‚ Hopefully I shall return sometime in the future and join back in with ‘family’ and catch up with a few thousand comments and emails. I hope ‘family’ are all well and your journeys are at peace, as this last month or so has been very testing within for us all. Namaste


33 thoughts on “A little time out!

  1. re: children of light, did you read the post. Your like came so quickly, I’d hardly published. thanks. just let me know what you think, if anything. eve

    With a love and a sharing,
    perfect harmony with the moon…


    • Thank you eve. I most certainly read your post and agree with the etiquette that you were saying (quoting). In this instance I did just that by agreeing with what you have said so in this instance I ‘liked’ it because of that and felt no need to further the post as it covered all aspects nicely. I usually ‘like’ something when I have agreed or enjoyed the post. If it does stand out in some way or I ‘feel’ what is behind it, then I usually give a comment. Love and light to you also. Namaste


      • hmmm, i think a like each and every time is not really a like imho.. sharing on one or two post is more my idea of liking. Thanks for your time. eve


        • I did not say I liked each and every time. I in fact said IF I agree or enjoyed the post. There are many instances where I do not ‘like’ posts at all. Your judgement call does in fact create a situation where I would feel it may be safer to ignore your posts or suffer your wrath my friend πŸ™‚ You appear to be creating what you fear. I was in fact giving a very truthful insight, from myself, and which many others may also do. Love and light, Mark.


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    • Works brilliantly for blogging, but everyone has to be on the same page! (sorry, my attempt at humour πŸ™‚ ) Well, I’m finally back and attempting to go through a humungus pile of emails. Give me a day or so and I’ll put up pic’s of the new dig’s and show you what all the pain and agony of a move was for. From this new place I can concentrate and do my healing and writing. Take care momus, catch you soon! Hugs back at ya!x Mark


        • Me too momus! The only problem at the moment is I keep getting distracted! Even the new neighbor rocks up to his unit next door (our school holidays just started for a fortnight), and says, ‘would you like to go fishing’. Well, my friend, it has been a very big journey and I’m thinking it has broken the chains of ‘stuckness’ that we seem to get into occasionally, a change of cycle has begun and there will be lots of goodies to unwrap as time goes on. So as spirit says, ‘go with the flow’ or paddle like a madman till you can paddle no more, and then you have to ‘go with the flow’ anyway. Just grabbing a few pic’s today so should be up tonight with a bit of luck. In between the big beautiful hot bath (the bath in this place is so deep you nearly need a lifeguard πŸ™‚ ), candles, a glass of wine and a little gentle music to cap off a big couple of weeks. Haveagoodweekend x


          • I want to be there! Not in the bath – done that already – but going with the flow.
            I’m lying. I kinda am already. Six and a half weeks of Friday feeling bubbling up to pop like fine champagne. Summer hols!
            Go fishin’ young man. But what’s with the wine? Thought you were tt? Not that I should judge…n my second hauf!
            Big hugs, my lovely Aussie friend. Ok, I maybe poured the measures a bit bigger than standard! Doesn’t mean I haven’t missed you. But go fishing. Enjoy the spirit moving. I’m gonna! πŸ™‚ x


          • Happy B’day for then. Does that make you a Gemini or a – hold on, have to check this – nope Cancer. I don’t think I know anyone who’s a Cancerian. Is that right? Cancerian? It doesn’t sound right. Anyway, not knowing anyone else who is, means I have no knowledge of their attributes and peccadilloes. Spill. Not the wine. Sheesh, what a waste….


          • Yes, and just to make sure I got the emotional side of a cancer, I have a cancer as my rising sign as well. I think it is referred to as a double whammy. We are ruled by the moon in all her glorious waxing and waning of her emotions. One day full, next a bit chopped off, right down to the dark side. Mind you, that is where the empath side of us comes from. We ‘feel’ everything. It’s just the 80 years it takes to sort out which is mine and who owns the rest πŸ™‚


          • Ach, don’t blame the moon for yer problems! Heard that one before. πŸ˜‰ But I do get the empath. That sounds like you to a T…or an E.
            But, feck, 80 years! Give over, man, need to get a handle before then. I’m coming up on 35 again in about seven months and I just know I’ve got it sussed….mainly….a bit….well, most of it. Ok, feck, some of it. Eighty years! That’s like…960 months! That’s some labour! How many kids? I need a calculator…


          • No, I don’t blame her at all. She is a beautiful mistress, you just have to learn her ways πŸ™‚ It’s that ‘go with the flow’ thing, you can ignore her all you want but she will always be there. A part of who you are in this life. I personally chatted to her as a kid, then ignored her for many years while life happened, then I understood my path and began to listen. What a journey, wouldn’t give it up for the world.


          • You are truly a soul seeker, Mark. A brave adventurer, now unafraid to uncover all your spirit holds. Sincerely.
            But, I think I might I have a poem in this. I can’t help it!
            Tell you what. How about a wee collaboration here? I give you a line or two. You give a couple back. Could work. Have a think.
            Ok, off the top of my head.

            Soul seeker,
            journey far in waxing waning moon….

            Now you…


  3. Hi Mark,
    A little break is always nice…..and we both know what happens when we don’t listen to spirit! Things go missing or don’t work out properly πŸ™‚ hope the move is going well….looking forward to you returning to the blogosphere soon.
    πŸ™‚ Jolene


  4. Dear Mark,
    So glad to hear that you are listening to your spirit and getting through what can be a very tedious process. I’m always thrilled to hear from you and when I do…it’s a gift and not an expectation. No apologies necessary. Best wishes and looking forward to our paths crossing again soon. πŸ™‚


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