Indigo Children, They are So Switched On to Life

The innocence of truth!

Endless Light and Love

This little boy is so switched on to life, his empathy towards all loving creatures is amazing as is his realisation that he has touched his mothers heart.

Namaste with Love

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11 thoughts on “Indigo Children, They are So Switched On to Life

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    • It is such an amazing video. None could not feel the presence of the truth within. It has made me feel more that our purpose is to achieve the love that the child expressed, done so simply but with so much beauty that it holds your heart in recognition of that truth. Thank you also for sharing your truth Himani, as you always do with your lovely posts! Namaste


  2. every time I see this I cry, this little spirit of an olde soul stops ones breath…
    Thank you for sharing again Mark….Beautiful…
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • It is an amazing video. The beauty in those few words stops you in your tracks. Just hearing the purity of that soul was worth more than nearly anything else I’ve done on this planet. A blessing to feel it in this life. Thank you maryrose, glad the share touched and recognised the soul within. Namaste


    • It was so heartfelt. Who could not cry. I admit to tears flowing freely. And I could feel the spirit within. The child spoke such a truth from within himself. My pleasure to share Sue. Namaste xox


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