Russell Brand on Truth….

Click on the Truth.Love.Peace link above or click the following address link! ______


This guy, Russell Brand, is finally standing up and expressing what so many people think!


6 thoughts on “Russell Brand on Truth….

    • My pleasure! But I must admit it didn’t seem to come up properly on my page…the code was there but it wouldn’t bring the video up. I put links there anyway to your page and the actual YouTube spot to make sure it was viewable. I tried a heap of different things but it refused to budge. Anyway, loved what he said for it is a truth in many ways. He, like me, get’s a little excitable but still gets out what is meant. Thank’s Tracie, and congrat’s for your 300th post on your other blog . Well done! 🙂


      • Thanks Mark. Sorry the link didn’t work… but glad you found a way around it. I was never much of Russell Brand fan, but I thought this was awesome… and I just loved his energy and enthusiasm.


        • I have to admit living in the dark about him. I was aware of him in amongst the high flyers in the mag’s and tv but really knew nothing as he didn’t draw my attention. Until now. I was shocked to find what he believes in, and castigated myself for pre-judging him because of the company he seemed to keep. Ah, judgement slips out from behind the door when one is standing on one’s soapbox! Lesson learnt I hope 🙂 Yes, his energy and enthusiasm is amazing. That is my major point to him is that he really gets ‘out there’ in what he believes in. We are all different on our paths but the fact he is willing to stand up for his truth was a great thing to see. Thank you for the reblogg Tracie, and the sharing of it. Namaste


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