Moment of Truth!

Right, I’m going to stick my head out here. Yes, I’m only a new kid on the block but in my efforts to do the right thing and follow these ‘Awards’, and the appropriate etiquette so that I may fit into the community, I have inadvertently rocked everyone’s boat, including mine. Let me explain. ย The entire purpose of these awards are to give to a range of people an award for, what we individually feel, are there beautiful points. Whether that is their expressions in writing, art, photography, spirituality, suffering, big hearts, great works or just giving for the pleasure of sharing. And let me be the first to hold my hand up and say, ‘This community is loaded with some amazing people’, and individually we find people that we find an interest in, and follow them and really like the space they are giving from.

So…along comes an award for those very reasons…someone finds me great (ahem, just let me comb my hair back a bit and adjust my tie ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and I really do appreciate their thinking I’m worthwhile in some way and feel good that I am given this. Honestly, I do. So I follow the rules and fix up a post, get a list of my lovely people that I follow and think they are very deserving of this, and send them a comment so that they know of just how I feel about them. Smiling the whole time as I decide to save time and put out a similar comment to all parties. Thinking cap goes on and I ask myself, how should I put this together. I know, how do I actually feel about all these differing people and their sites I go to and follow. And so I put together the following:

Hi, I have found your site to be an amazing place and have appreciated it for what it has given me as an enjoyable, learning and heartfelt place. For that I would like to present you with the Versatile Bloggers Award. To accept this award please click on my link in this comment and go to the Awards post on the Home page. At the bottom of the post it will give you instructions on how to accept the award. I have checked to make sure you did not have instructions that you were no longer accepting awards but if I have missed this please accept my apologies. Otherwise thank you again for the sharing of your site, I follow it as I like and relate to the gift of your writing very much. Namaste


Reality check:

1. The Bold and Italic parts were my truth, the plain central part was where I began to feel my truth go gurgling down the drain like a ‘car salesman or politician’. (My apologies to any of those that are honest people). But MY blog (and who I am), is all about being my ‘truth’ and all this did was make me feel uncomfortable about what I was doing, even though I was giving it for very good reasons, it still felt that I was giving it falsely because the rules say I must get 10 or 15 people to give the award to (and being a new comer I only had 20 at that point), which again made me feel I was being forced to find enough to cover the rules instead of just giving because I actually did feel these people were deserving of an award. And I do feel that all the people I follow are special, I just haven’t had time to ‘get to know them’ to reinforce those feelings. I also suppose I felt uncomfortable about what I was then ‘lumbering’ onto them. I had just made a lot of friends and I was possibly now putting a dampener on that friendship.

2. This comment was received very politely by all involved who replied very courteously (Thank you everyone). Though, in the time I have been here, looking around and getting feedback from comments and replies around the community as a whole, there was this feeling of ‘oh poop’ when an award was received.

3. Upon researching ‘oh poop’, I came to realise that these awards are given, for all intents and purposes, with all the truthful intentions of awarding someone with something that has meaning and really does reflect what one person thinks of another. BUT, after doing one myself I now realise that they are also time consuming, done hesitatingly because we do not wish to ‘lumber’ it on good friends, and lastly because of the first two reasons they no longer have the appeal they once did because of that.

4.ย There is nothing wrong with the presentation in itself, as it is most happily accepted for why it was given, but it brings about the extremes of feeling happy, then frustration because of what it will then entail for the recipient. This is only engendering a feeling of distaste towards something that should be the exact opposite. A lot of people will find it ‘great’ and follow the instructions accordingly, but that can and does become a little testing to say the least after the 10th award (not referring to anyone in particular, but man, is she good at her computer now ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ย And I did love & appreciate ALL the time and effort she had put into the award that she gave me, thank you Tammy!), and so, out of courtesy we grin and bear it because we feel we must because of how we feel about ‘our’ community.

5. Some of these awards have no doubt been created and brought about because of some incredibly amazing creation or works by someone or even in memory of someone that was highly thought of. Or even as a way for ‘beginners’ to put themselves out there for the community to see. But the whole idea of that is so it can be an award that WILL remind us of that circumstance or person for all the right reasons. Not for a feeling of ‘oh shoot, not another one’.

So at this point I’m wondering if the whole awards thing should be given a rethink or be redesigned in such a way that it does give it’s meaning back, and a reason to be looked at again with a pride and pleasure for what it can really mean to an individual and not another blip on your blog.

Let’s say a regular voting, once every three months (I’m only tossing numbers around here), at a site that is set up for just that purpose……(hopefully it’s not been taken), or some such that allows for anyone to nominate a blog that they feel is worthwhile. Multiple categories to cover the amazing talent that is in this beautiful community. Tally the numbers up and really present them with something that they will treasure forever. Just think of the after parties ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Also I’m sure there is some incredible talent out there who could create other awards or something to be remembered (with their name and reference to their blog) for their efforts of course. Actually I feel a competition coming on to find the ‘best’ award designs for the different categories.

Ok, I’ve stuck my nose out there because I feel it is a truth that is being politely ignored. If I’m in the wrong then I give my full and total apologies to all concerned in the community. But in what I have felt and seen so far there are way too many feeling uncomfortable with the process and rather than leave it that way, I think it should be updated, and give it back its credence so that it will be given the respect and courtesy it deserves.

May your academy award be heartfelt, loved and show the truth of who you really are within.

Love and light,


P.S. The above is just a suggestion, maybe it is needed to start the site up, to allow suggestions to be put forward FROM the community so that what is created is actually what the community wants.

P.S.S. No, thank you, setting up an academy is not my forte, I just do truth ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S.S.S. Yes, I suppose I could do what others do and politely say thank you for the award, and then not do the process because it has become uncomfortable. (And that isn’t what any of the people I gave the award to did, it just seemed to be a consensus among the many comments and replies that I have come across in the community).


28 thoughts on “Moment of Truth!

  1. I do understand your point of view and I hope I didn’t offend you. I just want you to know that I truly think your blog is inspiration to all:)


    • None offence taken at all. It was just a point I think everyone reaches with regard to the awards. In themselves they are great, an appreciation to people we think well of. And I do appreciate the fact that you think highly enough of my site to give the award in the first place. So from that I really do appreciate the award, thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ And I also like your site and your expression of the world around you. Keep up the good work, it takes a special someone to step into the fears of others and express them as you have. Namaste


  2. I have to say that I’m one of the guilty ones sitting on quite a few awards myself; which brings me to saying thank you as well :-)… While I sincerely appreciate these awards that everyone has so graciously taken the time to do; time for me has definitely been one of my barriers in replying and re-posting. Lately, I’ve been under the radar with even finding time to comment or post myself *laughing* I’m reminded of Horton Hears a Who ~ I am here, I am here, I am here…


    • Yes, it is a tricky situation. We really want to be a part of the community, accept and give the awards, but life has us running in circles at the best of times. Maybe that’s the key. Time to find ourselves again and realise what is really important within. I still think, to give it it’s importance and be more accepted, a Blogger’s Academy Award needs to be held every 6 months where everyone goes to a site somewhere and votes on a series of categories. And in doing that everyone will see and find more blogger’s that they were not aware of. Maybe categories in each country and then categorise them under those headings. It would have to encourage a lot more people to ‘find’ others that have their interests. And I think it would give the awards more importance. Anyway, thank you for your lovely comment, may Horton protect us all! Namaste


  3. Mark, thank you for accepting the award I presented to you. I enjoyed reading the 7 interesting things about yourself. Interesting indeed. I really, really like your idea about the awards situation I think it could also be made a lot easier for some of us “more computer challenged” folks. I kind of feel like if I want to give you an award because I think your blog is so awesome, that I should do just that. Give it to you, Not make you accept it and do all the work to get it on your page. I’m not complaining, friends, I appreciate all the awards and look forward to many more, I hope, but it’s not as easy for me as it is for some of you. I still have 3 left to get up and posted. Hoping my son will be available within the next few days to help get me all caught up. I haven’t declined or forgotten about any of them.
    Peace and Hugs my dear friend,
    Wild Thang ๐Ÿ™‚ aka Tammy


    • It was my pleasure Tammy. And thank you very much for thinking of me enough to give me that award. As I have said the awards in themselves are beautiful because they show an appreciation of what and who that person is. So it is always a lovely thing to receive from someone. And yes, a lot of us are computer challenged, let alone all our physical and emotional challenges that we are here on this planet to try to iron out as well. Those are probably the hardest ones so that we can be our truth and express ourselves from the heart. You are currently doing that beautifully….even the bits where you try to not pull the walls down or take to your computer with a hammer ๐Ÿ™‚ The important bit is just be that truth of who you are. We are all trying to better ourselves and so we give from that place. It is a long journey but we have all our lives to do it. One day at a time. The receivers of those awards will appreciate them today, tomorrow or next week so go with the flow. Thank you very much for sharing your take on the awards and showing another perspective of what it can take to partake in them. Love and light ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Really interesting read. I’m still fairly new to this blogging game and coming across references to these awards on other sites (not something I’ve had to grapple with myself!) they’ve always struck me as being like those irritating chain emails. I’m not sure I really get the point of them – surely if you enjoy someone’s writing you can just follow them and comment on their posts?

    If there are to be awards, the kind of process you suggest would certainly offer more credibility.


    • I have to admit to not being here for very long either yakinamac, but it was something that I noticed and became more pronounced when I received an award and understood the implications as I went through the process. I do agree with the point of, if you are following and commenting on a blog, you do this because it is interesting and you connect with that particular blog. I suppose it is an over and above the normal liking of that blog to then give an award because you have really begun to appreciate where that blog is coming from and connect with it a lot stronger. In itself the awards are for the right reasons, just the process seems to have a few hiccups. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Namaste


    • Thanks ramblingsfromamum, there does seem to be many who reach that point and I suppose it’s one of those things that if your interested, join in, otherwise just let it go. Maybe I just need to do that, now there’s a thought. Maybe there is a method in its madness, it’s just there for whoever has the urge. Thanks for the sharing of your wisdom (it may even be a winner ๐Ÿ™‚ ).


  5. I get exactly what you are saying. When I got my first award it was great, someone had deemed me worthy and had enjoyed what I had posted, I followed all the rules to the letter and reciprocated. And then all the rules suddenly feel like a lead weight.

    Another thing I had an issue with was saturation. Letโ€™s say I give you an award, the โ€œrules โ€œ state you pass them on the 15 people and you do so, and those 15 choose 15, then everyone of those 15 choose 15, that is 3375 people that have the award, not many I guess in the world of blogging but to me it still feels diluted to some degree.

    However I enjoy answering the questions so should I be lucky enough to receive an award, I answer the questions and encourage anyone who wishes to have a go to answer the questions too, however I donโ€™t pass it on to X number of people now.


    • Ah, another perspective. I didn’t realise just how ‘saturated’ the affect was. In so far as the blogging world goes that may not be many but I think when someone receives an award they give it to ‘their’ group that possibly has a close affiliation with another ‘group’ (as in similar interests), which by this time includes just one individual who has now got 2 or 3 quick awards. I do know of one lovely lady that has now got 9 in her possession (and deserved every one of them), so that can really push some buttons I think. Yes, I agree the answering of the questions is good as it gives people another side of the recipient. But some may find that intrusive. Maybe an opt in or out on that one. The passing it on seems to be the blockage, for the reasons I gave above in the post. Mind you, if we don’t pass it on it disappears. So what is the hard bit in the pass on. Time factor in setting it up and maybe the fact that we may feel we are lumbering ‘friends’ with a process? Thank you very much for your comment moi. Namaste


      • the last one I got was here – – I wrote – Below are my 10 answers, I will also put 10 questions but I have made no nominations but the questions are there for anyone to join in with if they wish too.

        This was there for people to join in should they want to or opt out should they not wish to partake, no one was nominated so it was find of a free for all.

        I do enjoy getting them for sure, and the reasons for giving them are good and honourable the implementation of continuation of the award is “awkward”.


        • Yes, this ‘awkward’ seems to be the theme. Hopefully a brilliant mind will help us in our time of need ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting take on your ‘award’ though. Maybe that needs to be developed into something in its own right. If you are interested in that type of setup, just display it on your blog and that way any who are interested go for it, if not, continue blogging. Simple. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Namaste


  6. I would also like to see a facility which enables us to create our own awards from our blog to whoever, with our own designs etc. Something simple and easy to use. The thing about the awards system at the moment is that because we are ‘forced’ to list blogs it really becomes a buddy-buddy system and often loses it’s integrity. My observations are from the side lines as my magnificence has never been recognised hehehehe!


    • All suggestions are accepted. The more varied the better. The system shouldn’t be bogged down because of lack of variety to find something that works. Thank you for the suggestion theforestscribe, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why you have not been blessed with an award. I just went for a quick peek at where you are and found your story very interesting. That is a long hard road and you have my utmost respect for that journey. Hopefully the lack of ‘award’ will be a thing of the past. Thank you for the comment. Namaste


      • Thanks for that, the story is still unfolding and the most difficult bit has yet to come. Glad you had a peak, this is the first time I haven’t destroyed my writing, always tore it up, now doing the blog to ensure I dont hehehe! and Namaste back


        • My pleasure, and good luck with your story, it is who you are AND what you are becoming. Nothing is destroyed because you were able to express it by writing it in the first place, that is a healing in itself. More writing, more healing. Find your truth. Thank you for sharing. Namaste


  7. I think this seems like an excellent idea. Or something along those lines. I love receiving awards. I genuinely do. Who wouldn’t? In the beginning, it felt like a real acceptance into the community. It grew to feeling that people appreciated what I was saying or how I was saying it. Or something. But, and it is a big but, many people probably don’t have the luxury of the time necessary to follow the rules to the letter. I have certainly adapted all of them to suit myself and the time I have available.
    I suppose most people started their blog because of the need they felt to share or communicate or just get their words out there. Less time becomes available for that when good manners dictates that etiquette be followed. Yes, many people then choose not to accept awards and that is also something of a pity. There are many blogs I follow where I would love to give an award to say how much I admire and appreciate their work. My comments try to do that instead. I hope.
    Time is probably the biggest luxury I have in my life when I get it to myself. Busy, busy life. Weans and work and washing! I never seem to have enough of it. I joined WordPress and there’s been no shutting me up since. It’s almost embarrassing! I can’t stop writing. I, therefore, tried to incorporate awards into my writing in some format.
    In all honesty, as you have opened this up for honest appraisal, I wouldn’t like to see the awards disappear. But, I would like to see them take a different format.
    I do think your idea above has much to credit it for a possible way forward.
    Gawd knows who would have the time to take on such a role as administrator of such a blog. (Shaun??!!)
    Anyway, I am still grateful for the many awards I have received. Grateful that anyone reads my drivellings. Grateful that I have the opportunity here to pour my soul out on WordPress where I feel there is such a sense of genuine community. Whether you want a glimpse of it or not!
    So, what do you think, Shaun? Is this something you could do? Just askin’?! Or anyone else out there who has a mind to!
    Thanks Mark for being so honest in your post. It’s never easy to stand up in a boat and not rock it.

    With or without awards I would not stop writing. I love it too much. I’m sure that is the truth for all of us. An easy truth to reveal. This truth, not quite so easy. But pertinent nevertheless.x


    • Thank you scottishmomus for the reblogg and your honest appraisal of me in my boat ๐Ÿ™‚ (Mind you, I’m wondering if it may have been a canoe ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Your work as a writer, poetess has always come from a good place. Romantic, funny or even educational from the many that I’ve seen. And you have always been an icon to speak your truth in all it’s colors so your comment is very much appreciated. And I suppose all of us feel we are contributing to this great blog world that we have here, and within it, is that desire to show our appreciation of the many, many incredible people and their ‘art’ in whatever form that may take. I agree with your statement that the ‘Awards’ in and of themselves should be a part of that world but just not quite in the format that it has taken. Um, who’s Shaun? Do I detect a possible Director of the Blogging Academy Awards? Please feel free to suggest, hold up your hand or we will even accept a masked man on a white horse to take us into the New World ๐Ÿ™‚ And scottishmomus you are also right in the fact that since I have been here I have found a lovely community that are a breed of their own. Helpful, caring and gifted in all their own ways and it has been a pleasure to be a part of that. So, before I fall out of this canoe and start swimming for the shore, I will leave it to the masses to comment as they will for what they believe. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Namaste


    • Thank you for that Shane. It was done because of what I believe, but I thought it also needed to be voiced so that it could bring an awareness out into the open, so it could be discussed and if needed healed into something that everyone would be happy and proud to be a part of, instead of the awkwardness that seems to be an underlying issue. Thanks again for your comment, the more the merrier. Namaste


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